I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about how I take notes in a paperless environment. There are a lot of apps out there but here are a few I’d like to highlight:

OneNote – this is a great app that works cross-platform. You can import documents and various other files to mark them up. You can create different binders or sections (staff meetings, trips, to-do lists) and you can share them with other people so they can add to your notes.

Google Keep – another great app. I first heard about this one from a student who attended one of Mr. Pisani’s iLearn sessions. Google Keep allows you to jot down quick notes. Think of it as digital Post-It notes. Add pictures, colors, whatever you can think of. Again, you can access these notes on multiple devices.

Notability – a paid app but lets you do all of the above but even easier to use (for me anyway). You can drag files in, add pictures, and even throw in audio recordings. You can even use a stylus to add your own handwriting!!

I’d like to hear what you use for your note-taking. The more info we can pass on to our students, the more rewarding their educational experience becomes.