Challenge Accepted

Today the ECSD Google Ninjas were presented with a challenge – work exclusively with a Chromebook for 30 days. 30 days!!!

Some background info about me before I start. I’m a Mac user. Have been for almost 20 years. I’m invested heavily in the Apple ecosystem – friends and family will often call me with a question and I can run them through a solution from memory. In fact, there isn’t a non-Apple device in my family or within my circle of friends. Even at work (a Windows environment) I use my MacBook Pro for everything! Can I actually leave my mac alone for 30 days?!

So the first thing I did when the challenge was presented was ask @MrLuukkonen (a fellow Ninja and dedicated mac user) if it’s possible for us to even think about doing it. I know he’s excited about the #30DayChromebookChallenge as well but is probably thinking the same thing I’m thinking – can this be done? I think if we both work at it then we will be able to bounce ideas off each other when we hit a tech wall. But it’s still going to be 30 days!

This is going to be a challenge. A real challenge.

I will keep you all (ha! I have no followers) up-to-date on this blog and I’ll share with you my struggles and successes. Wish me luck.

*I’m not giving up my iPhone. No way, no chance, during these next 30 days*