Day 22 – Read And Write Chrome

Day 22 of the #30DayChromebookChallenge sees my daughter taking over the CB.

The CB, sitting unused in the kitchen, seemed to be calling my daughter. She wanted to give it another try. She wasn’t impressed the last time she used it but today decided she wanted to write a story.

We already had her account connected to the CB and she knew how to log in. Once in, I showed her how to get to her Drive to start a story. She opened a new Doc and started typing. It didn’t take her long to figure out how to change font, size, and colour. From there she worked, typing, reading back her story, adding pictures, all that fun stuff.

We turned on Read and Write Chrome for her and having the CB read back her story to her really helped in moving the story forward.

The CB did great. She wasn’t happy with the trackpad so she used the touch screen. She didn’t mind that too much but did make a comment that the finger prints on the screen bother her.

All-in-all a good experience.

Day 22 – Fun