Day 24 – WCQ

Day 24 of the #30DayChromebookChallenge and it’s match day of European World Cup Qualifiers and the CB was a disappointment.

First, the game wasn’t televised live so I had planned on listening to the broadcast using TuneIn Radio. Problem is that the CB, being district owned, is unable to use the Google Play Store (at least I couldn’t find a way around it). So TuneIn needed to be done on my phone.

Second, I like to have a few apps open when I’m doing the sports thing. Telegram, WhatsApp, iMessage, FotMob, and Twitter are going during these types of matches (family and friends all have tech ecosystems and apps they like to use and stick with). iMessage I know is a no-go on the CB but the others all have web alternatives. Knowing the CB doesn’t support multiple desktops the same way my MBP does, I opened up tabs for all the apps (Google Play Store fail again). Wow, that was a pain. No joy whatsoever.

Third, the CB seemed to grind to a halt a few times. Nothing I couldn’t handle but just frustrating. I tested my internet speed and I was getting good results. But still, the CB was sluggish.

So I gave up. Went to the MBP and everything was smooth sailing. I’ve used the CB before for the sports thing but today it was an unusable experience.

It’s ok. The replay of today’s match is on tv now so the day’s earlier disappointment is now a memory long gone.

Day 24 – Grrrrrrrrr