It’s a School Tech Challenge Update

As always, it’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. So tonight it’s time for a #SchoolTechChallenge update.

I began monitoring my use of technology this year and I’ve come to a conclusion… I’m lucky to be working/teaching/collaborating with great individuals and with all kinds of technology.

At my disposal I have tech that includes hardware/software for iOS, Android, Windows 10, macOS, and Chrome OS. Each has a purpose. Each benefits my students in different ways. Each makes it so I can teach and mentor effectively and efficiently.

I teach Computer Science where we code, create, and problem solve. I teach Social Studies where we collaborate, present, and discuss. I have a lot of tech at my disposal and I use it all on any given day:

  • Chrome OS to do morning announcements (students are anchors and read the announcements from a Chromebook).
  • MacOS to edit the recorded (sometimes using an iOS or Android camera) announcements.
  • Windows 10 to upload the show so staff can share the broadcast with their students.
  • iOS to take class attendance.
  • Windows 10 to run my SmartBoard.
  • MacOS to access my Social Studies material.
  • Any device (or not) for students to follow along in class to copy their notes, practice their work, and complete assignments or exams.
  • Chrome OS to create the school yearbook.
  • MacOS to record my Computer Science lessons where students then use Chrome OS to create and run their programs.
  • MacOS to create staff and student tech videos.
  • Microsoft Teams to keep my upcoming Tech Club up-to-date as well as to collaborate with other teachers.
  • Chrome OS to create 3D models and macOS to slice and export student designs to the 3D printer.
  • Google Classroom to update day-to-day class activities.

Sure, I can probably get away with only using Chrome, or Windows, or Mac, or whatever. Sure, I can do this, or that, or whatever. But it works. It works great. It’s fast. It’s efficient. I want to use what’s best for the job and I believe I have the best for what I need to do. These tools mean I have more time for my students and, in my book, that can’t be beat.

What a time to be alive!