A list of some of the GIFT sessions offered. Not all GIFT sessions have available resources on

The One With Social Studies
~ Spread of Disease
Crossing the Border
Franklin Expedition
Editorial Cartoons
Canada at War
Zombie Geography

The One With Photoshop
~ Crazy Crosslinks
~ Knockout Text

The One With Code
~ Hour of Code
~ Micro:bit Challenges
~ Magic 8 Ball
~ One Player Pong. Video and Notes
~ Basic Platformer
~ Robotics (k8)
~ So You Wanna Build a Snowman?

The One With Tech
~ ECSD Tools
Tech and Digital Citizenship
Office 365
~ Google Tips Tricks to make you a Google master

The One Where You Design
~ TinkerCAD

The One Where You Are a Photographer/Videographer
~ Apple Clips
~ Forced Perspective
~ Green screening

The One With Kendama
~ you know it as a Japanese toy, but is it really Japanese?