Social 7

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Canada’s history… from its early beginnings to present day.

Social 7 provides a comprehensive examination of Canadian history preceding and following Confederation. The concept of intercultural contact is introduced through an examination of migration and immigration. Grade 7 forms the foundation for the continued dialogue on citizenship and identity in Canada.

Course Outline
Social 7 Program of Studies

Unit 1 – Pre Confederation

Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the distinct roles of, and the relationships among, the Aboriginal, French and British peoples in forging the foundations of Canadian Confederation.

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Aboriginal Societies
Chapter 1 Notes
The French
Chapter 2 Notes
The British
Chapter 3 Notes
Competition for Trade
Chapter 4 Notes
War and Peace
Chapter 5 Notes
Becoming Canada
Chapter 6 Notes
Creating a New Country
Chapter 7 Notes

Unit 2 – Post Confederation

Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how the political, demographic, economic and social changes that have occurred since Confederation have presented challenges and opportunities for individuals and communities.

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The Metis
Chapter 8 Notes
Growth in the West
Chapter 9 Notes
Expanding Confederation
Chapter 10 Notes
Encouraging Immigration
Chapter 11 Notes
Changing Societies in the West
Chapter 12 Notes
A New Canada
Chapter 13 Notes
Canada Today
Chapter 14 Notes

Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review