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Grade 9 focuses on citizenship, identity and quality of life and how they are impacted by political and legislative processes in Canada. The role of economic systems in Canada and the United States will also be examined.

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Course Outline
Social Studies 9 Program of Studies


Students will demonstrate the knowledge to respond critically to issues affecting Canadians.

Issue Analysis Notes
Issue Analysis Handouts

Unit 1 – Governance and Rights

Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how Canada’s political processes impact citizenship and identity in an attempt to meet the needs of all Canadians.

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Canada’s Political System
Chapter 1 Notes
Chapter 1 Handouts
Youth Criminal Justice Act
Chapter 2 Notes
Chapter 2 Handouts
Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Chapter 3 Notes
Chapter 3 Handouts
Collective Rights
Chapter 4 Notes
Chapter 4 Handouts
Chapter 5 Notes
Chapter 5 Handouts

Unit 2 – Economic Systems

Students will also be introduced to the concepts of planned, mixed, and market economies. Taking their knowledge and understanding of economic systems, students will apply their learning to gain an appreciation of how economic decision making in Canada and the United States impacts quality of life, citizenship, and identity.

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Economic Systems
Chapter 6 Notes
Chapter 6 Handouts
Chapter 7 Notes
Chapter 7 Handouts
Chapter 8 Notes
Chapter 8 Handouts
Political and Economic Issues
Chapter 9 Notes
Chapter 9 Handouts

Final Exam Review

Review Package
Practice PAT – Part 1
Practice PAT – Part 2

Social Studies Skills