Social 9

SS9 Cover

Unit 1 – Governance and Rights

Students will demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of how Canada’s political processes impact citizenship and identity in an attempt to meet the needs of all Canadians.

 Introduction – The Canadian Citizenship Test
Canada’s Political System
Chapter 1 Notes
Chapter 1 PowerPoint
Chapter 1 Assignment – Making a Law
Youth Criminal Justice Act
Chapter 2 Notes
YCJA Cartoons
Chapter 2 PowerPoint
Chapter 2 Assignment – Political cartoon
Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Chapter 3 Notes
– Charter Cartoons
Chapter 3 PowerPoint
Chapter 3 Assignment – Cases of Limited Rights
Collective Rights
Chapter 4 Notes
Chapter 4 PowerPoint
Chapter 4 Essay: Should Canada grant Collective Rights?
– Essay OutlineEssay Format SummaryEssay Organizer
Chapter 4 – Online Assignment
Chapter 5 Notes
Chapter 5 PowerPoint

Enhancement Resources

Chapter 1 Video – great source to explain Canada’s government… and it’s only 2.5 minutes long.

Unit 2 – Economic Systems

Students will also be introduced to the concepts of planned, mixed, and market economies. Taking their knowledge and understanding of economic systems, students will apply their learning to gain an appreciation of how economic decision making in Canada and the United States impacts quality of life, citizenship, and identity.

Economic Systems
Chapter 6 Notes
– Economic Systems Notes
Chapter 6 PowerPoint
Chapter 7 Notes
Chapter 7 PowerPoint
Chapter 7 Assignment – Find an advertisement (print or digital) and identify and explain the techniques used.
Chapter 8 Notes
– Tax Dollar Breakdown
Chapter 8 PowerPoint
Political and Economic Issues
Chapter 9 Notes
Chapter 9 PowerPoint

Enhancement Resources

Supply and Demand
The Story of Stuff and Activity Sheet

Practice PATs

Review Package