Naming Conventions

Save-as-iconNow that many of your teachers are going paperless in their classrooms it’s now time to start submitting paperless assignments. Great! But there’s a problem… if you start submitting your assignments using email, DropBox, Shared folders in Office 365, or whatever, and your classmates are submitting the same way, how will your teacher be able to distinguish between students?

It’s time to talk saving. Here is the the method that works best for me (always check with your teacher how they want you to save and submit):

If you are in my 8A Social Studies class and your name is Homer Simpson and you are completing the third Critical Thinking question then your assignment will be saved as Subject, Homeroom, Name, Assignment. So it becomes SS8AHS_CT3

Simple, right? It is but it’ll take some practice before you are comfortable with it.