I get asked everyday, “why do I always have to put in my ECSD password!?” Well here’s a quick fix. It’s not 100% flawless but it’ll save you some time. ​ ​

It’s spring time. It’s now a good time to take a good look at your technology. Here are some tips to keep in mind with regards to your devices: Run the latest update. Check in your settings to make sure your OS is up-to-date. Have a passcode lock to ensure no one can access it. Turn on Find iPhone (iOS) and/or activate Android Device Manager so you can find your device if you’ve misplaced… Read More

So I finally got around to reorganizing my How To videos for students. I originally had them hosted on YouTube but I ran into problems accessing them once the district moved over to Google. It’s all good now, though! Go check them out. Also, let me know what future videos you want so I can make more!

Students and parents often ask what apps I use in my paperless classroom. So, here’s the list of the productivity apps I use on a regular basis that can also be used by students. All apps are available for iOS and Android, free of charge… bonus 🙂 Adobe Reader – to easily open and view PDFs Outlook – to send and receive email (your username is Also a great calendar app to… Read More

Now that many of your teachers are going paperless in their classrooms it’s now time to start submitting paperless assignments. Great! But there’s a problem… if you start submitting your assignments using email, DropBox, Shared folders in Office 365, or whatever, and your classmates are submitting the same way, how will your teacher be able to distinguish between students? It’s time to talk saving. Here is the the method that works best… Read More

Here is an extension piece from a previous post… What do OneNote, Notability, CaptureNotes, and Evernote have in common? All of these apps can be used as virtual binders. A challenge was put out to our students to save paper and one way to do this is to use a virtual binder. With BYOD practiced at our school, using a virtual binder has become common practice for many students. Gone are the… Read More

Quick thought… I’m a fan of a paperless environment. A goal of mine for this school year is to use as little paper as possible. I’d like to see my students go paperless as well and that’s one of the reasons I made this website – it’s a classroom resource. All the notes, slides, and handouts are available to download. So why print them off? Why not use a digital binder? Notability,… Read More

Our 3D printer has been ordered and is currently being made. We are very excited to use it beginning in September for CTF 8 and 9. Some of the projects planned are CO2 cars, jewelry, games, toys, etc. It’s going to be an exciting time at SJT! I’ll post a video once we take delivery and have had chance to test it out. In the meantime you can watch a video from… Read More

Last week’s iLearn sessions were all about Scratch. Mr. Korassa from ECSD came in and worked with the students to program a calculator. The class began by creating sprites (computer graphics) to represent the different buttons of the calculator. He then taught us how to program the calculator to add, subtract, multiply, or divide two numbers. Students then applied their new skills to create both an area and volume calculator. It was a… Read More

Sway is coming to Office 365! Sway is Microsoft’s new presentation tool. The best part… it works across all devices! Stay tuned for more information but in the mean time enjoy a quick preview: