Day 1 – Setup

Today is Day 1 of the #30DayChromebookChallenge.

Yesterday I unboxed it and played around for a bit but today I began making it my own. Like any new computer, I needed to set it up for how I use it. So I tweaked the settings and made it personal. If I’m using it for 30 days then it needs to feel right, right out of the gate.

I did the setup early when everyone was sleeping. So, I needed earphones. No problem – connect my Bluetooth set to the Chromebook. Problem. The Chromebook didn’t recognize them. So I tinkered around a bit.

The trackpad is too small for any real work. No problem – connect my Bluetooth mouse. Problem. The Chromebook didn’t recognize my mouse. Tinkered some more.

It didn’t take long before I found the issue, the OS needed updating. I ran the update and now I’m able to discover all my Bluetooth devices. The mouse connected just fine but the earphones stalled on connection. Oh well, I plugged in wired ones. Chalk the morning setup to user error… always check to see if software is up to date 🙂

Now it was time to do some work. I went into Google classroom, did a few things in Docs, made a quick survey for next week’s Social 8 class using Forms, and did a few things in Sheets. Easy, peasy. The Chromebook handled them with ease.

I then went into Keep to make a to-do list for next week. I used the stylus. What a nice, smooth pen. I jotted down some notes and it all saved automatically in Drive.

Then the kids woke up. I propped the Chromebook into tent mode and played my daughter’s YouTube playlist while we made morning coffee.

Day 1 – Successful.

If you have any tips or tricks on using a Chromebook then I’d love to hear them. Send me an email or respond via Twitter.