Day 2 – Lesson Planning and Odds and Ends

Not the busiest or processor-hungry of tech days but an important day nonetheless – lesson plans.

I can’t remember the last time I had paper lesson plans. For as long as I can remember, I’ve done my plans digitally using Adobe. I like digital plans because there’s no paper waste (I can’t stand paper), they sync across all my devices, and, because they sync, I can plan from anywhere and anytime… even if I’m sitting in the emergency room with a sick child. I can get my plans off to my sub without them having to use the emergency plans in my binder.

Safe to say, I have a really good flow with my plans and I don’t like messing around with the rock-solid setup I have in place.

I knew using the Chromebook (I’m calling it CB from now on) would present a challenge because Adobe doesn’t play nice with the CBs. Determined to make it work I read a few reviews out there and the best choice for me is to use an app called Xodo. Since I created my digital plan binder at the beginning of September, I only need to fill in the pre-made boxes I use for each block. It didn’t take long to figure out how to use the app and it seems to serve its purpose for now. Sync isn’t how I want it to be but I’ll give it some time.

By the way, fellow Apple enthusiast, @MrLuukkonen, is also doing the #30DayChromebookChallenge with me and it’s been nice having a Mac guy to do this with. It’s only a few days in and we’ve been able to share tips and tricks back and forth to make our CB lives a bit easier. Those tips and tricks, though, are coming through iMessage 🙂 Visit him and check out how he’s finding the challenge to be.

Day 2 – Successful