Day 4 – That Didn’t Take Long

Three days. It’s 72 hours. Part of that time I’m asleep.

But today I fell back to the my MBP. I didn’t want to, really. I’ve been having a great time with my CB. But last night I was doing some planning for today and I had a tech block where I really wanted to create and edit a screencast for some of the staff. I looked into Screencastify (I played with it before – really do like it) but with only a limited time, I needed to make sure I was using my time efficiently and I am most efficient on the mac. I needed my bluetooth mic, my Screenflow software, and the comfort of the Apple ecosystem, and my dear friend, ALFRED!

But I did it in the best interest of colleagues and of my Tech Coach position… does that make it ok?!

Day 4 – Not sure