Day 5 – A Full Day Googling

Wednesday. Half way point of the week and day 5 of the #30DayChromebookChallenge.

After yesterday’s trip back to my MBP I am happy to say I’m back on the CB wagon and have spent almost the whole day in Google Apps (there was a block I was teaching using TinkerCAD but it was done in Chrome so it counts).

I had grade 7 Social for most of the day and we are working on some note taking skills. Chrome worked great here because I had my Google Doc open to the assignment, showing on the SmartBoard, and the class was collaborating in real time for all of us to see. Now if more of my students had CBs then I could have casted their screens to the SmartBoard… but that’s for another day 🙂

When working within Chrome, obviously, the CB shines!

Day 5 – Successful!