Day 6 – Serious Business :)

#30DayChromebookChallenge Day 6.

Today was a serious day. I spent the afternoon working on curriculum outcomes and mapping them to current assessment. To do that, I needed a copy our our curriculum and a few pieces of assessment.

I used the CB in tablet mode, flipping back and forth between tabs. I found the switching between tabs to be somewhat cumbersome. The trackpad wasn’t sensitive enough for my liking and I found myself jumping past tabs I needed to be on. The concept was great but the execution was not so great. Also, the PDF of the curriculum just wasn’t right. Something about the look was off and it bothered me. The CB did work, but it could have been a better experience.

Then tonight I used it for some personal time, my hockey draft. I always use a spreadsheet to keep track of everyone’s picks, have a few formulas in place to make life easier, color code the document, save it to PDF and then email it out to everyone. Nothing crazy. Sheets, though, wasn’t doing it for me. Not that Excel is needed for this type of work but it’s nice to have an actual OS to deal quickly with issues that arise. Having multiple desktops (like I do on my MBP) would have made tonights draft much easier. So would Alfred App (I linked to this in a previous post) as I have Alfred programmed to run programs with just a keyboard shortcut (major time saver).

One thing I LOVED about the CB was the fact it opens 180 degrees! I wish my MBP could do that. It is extremely handy to have that feature when you are not working at a desk or table. More manufacturers should look at doing this.

Day 6 – Successful but it would have been more so with a full-fledged OS.