Day 10 – Unexpected Recommendation

10 days into the #30DayChromebookChallenge and I made my first recommendation!

First a friend at work inquired about a device purchase. Chromebook I say! Then, later, another friend asks about a computer purchase. Chromebook again!

Really, unless there is a specific program needed, a laptop is not necessary. Almost everything can be done in Chrome and things that can’t, you can find some sort of work around. Obviously things get a bit more complicated if you are tied to other hardware (phones, tablets, cameras, printers, things like that) but for general computing a CB is a perfect choice.

I was quite surprised how quickly I recommended the CB. Normally it’d be Apple all the way (and it still is for some) but the cost, ruggedness, and simplicity of a CB can’t be beat!

Oh yeah, I did some work with the CB today but nothing out of the ordinary 🙂

Day 10 – Successful!