Day 11 – A Child’s Review

It took 11 days into the #30DayChromebookChallenge for my oldest to recognize I’m using a different computer. I think the EmTech sticker gave it away.

I let her at it and she started navigation around. She was a bit confused at first, “Where’s the Dock? Where are my pictures? How do I FaceTime?” I realized today, more than ever, she’s a Mac user. And I’m ok with that.

I explained to her it’s Chrome and showed her where the Google versions of those missing apps were and we played with them a bit. She wasn’t impressed.

“Ok, go upstairs so I can text you.” Her iMessage is missing.

“Music?” Sorry, no Apple Music. I told her we could watch music videos on YouTube. Didn’t want that.

“Books?” Don’t have those either. Like I said, not impressed.

But I showed her the stylus. That she liked. She practiced her writing and sight words for about half an hour.

When I asked her which computer she preferred, she said my laptop (the MBP). So there you have it. The CB is not kid approved 😦

I know, how can a kid be so critical of technology? How can she have an opinion about devices at such a young age? Well, they start young. Kids learn how to use technology from an early age. Whether she picked it up from us, has seen her cousins interact with tech, or just learned by playing on a device, she knows.

Day 11 – Funny.