Day 12 – Midpoint Review

Yes, midpoint review of the #30DayChromebookChallenge and I’m getting my days confused.

I thought this was my 13th day but I guess it’s only 12. Either way, it’s time for a midpoint review.

I’m enjoying my CB more and more each day. As part of the Google Ninja Program ECSD is offering, we were asked to submit a video of how things are going. Well, I submitted my video and it turns out that I love the CB!!

As I was doing my short clip for the program, I realized that the CB has completely replaced my desktop computer at work. I only use my desktop to set it as a host machine for Chrome Cast for Education. Everything else is done on my CB.

Although the CB has replaced my desktop, it hasn’t replaced my MBP. I still need two specific apps – ScreenFlow and Final Cut Pro. ScreenFlow is being used for video tutorials and Final Cut for an up-coming school project. Yes, there are CB equivalent versions out there but I’ve invested a lot of time into learning those two apps and it’s not a responsible use of time at the moment to learn new apps (that’s a summer project).

But besides using the MBP for those apps, the CB is can handle everything I need for work!! Sure, there are some issues and annoyances – I’m talking to you, keyboard shortcuts – but overall I don’t think a CB can be beat for my work purposes. Feel free to read some of my previous posts for some of my CB failures. But overall, great machine.

Rugged and durable, cheap, and easy to use, it’s actually fantastic as a school computer. I’m enjoying my time with the CB and can probably say, with confidence, that I will not return to my work desktop.

The jury is still out on it being used as a personal device.

Day 12. No, 13. No, wait 12 – Success!!