New Year Clean

January always starts the same way for me – I clean up my tech life. Here’s what I do over the course of the month:

  1. Clean up (delete) my photos from the previous year. You know, all the screenshots, the 300 food shots, the 789 bursts. All of those shots that I will ever look at again or those I have multiple copies of.
  2. I do an annual photo backup of every single photo which I didn’t delete in point 1.
  3. I place those backups in three spots. Internal drive, kept at home. External drive 1, kept at home. External drive 2, kept at work.
  4. I do a clean install of my daily computer and phone. I then reinstall programs as I need them. Some I need right away, some I won’t need until June.

That’s pretty much all I do. With that, I’m always running top speed.

I don’t do a daily or weekly backup because I work from the cloud. My photos are automatically backed up with iCloud and any documents I have are the same – iCloud, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

This has worked for me since the beginning of time. Others will do things differently. Important thing is that you do what works for you.