This year I’ve been selected to Edmonton Catholic Emerging Technology’s iPad All Star community. This community of practice has us using the iPad and various apps in different ways in our teaching practice. My challenge to myself was to use the iPad exclusively in my teaching. Right out the door I found I was able to complete most of my daily teaching tasks effortlessly with the iPad. Over a short period of… Read More

I attended a great PD session today where I was shown some great new Google Extensions, Google Dictionary and BeeLine Reader. My next prep will be used to create videos on these two extensions – can’t wait. From Microsoft to Google (with Apple there too) and everything in between, it’s nice to be a part of a district committed to choice. Our students and staff have so many awesome tools at their… Read More

January always starts the same way for me – I clean up my tech life. Here’s what I do over the course of the month: Clean up (delete) my photos from the previous year. You know, all the screenshots, the 300 food shots, the 789 bursts. All of those shots that I will ever look at again or those I have multiple copies of. I do an annual photo backup of every… Read More

Sometimes thing don’t work the way you want them to. So, clear your browser’s data.

Rearranging Google Classroom tiles is easy. Convenient if you have multiple classrooms.