What’s On My Device

Students and parents often ask what apps I use in my paperless classroom. So, here’s the list of the productivity apps I use on a regular basis that can also be used by students. All apps are available for iOS and Android, free of charge… bonus 🙂

  • Adobe Reader – to easily open and view PDFs
  • Outlook – to send and receive email (your username is id#@school.ecsd.net). Also a great calendar app to keep track of assignments, exams, special events.
  • OneDrive – access all of your school-based assignments and edit them in Word, Excel, or Powerpoint (I use these Office 365 apps as well). Side note… the entire Office Suite is free to download because you are a student of ECSD>
  • Office Lens – turns your phone into a document and whiteboard/smart board scanner. Will import them into Office 365 apps.
  • PowerSchool – stay on top of your marks!
  • ReplayIt – No, it’s not a productivity app. Yes, it’s a shameless plug to get students more involved in their yearbook. Get your teacher’s permission to take pictures in class and post them to the yearbook. See me to get it set up properly.

Need help with getting started with any of these apps? Keep an eye out for iLearn sessions, The One With The Digital Binder.