This year I’ve been selected to Edmonton Catholic Emerging Technology’s iPad All Star community. This community of practice has us using the iPad and various apps in different ways in our teaching practice. My challenge to myself was to use the iPad exclusively in my teaching. Right out the door I found I was able to complete most of my daily teaching tasks effortlessly with the iPad. Over a short period of… Read More

I’ve been playing around with Apple Clips tonight. It’s a really cool app. I’ve done a few videos of the family and my kids made a few of them singing – lots of fun. What I like best about Clips though is how easy it is to make mini screencasts in iOS. It used to take me a long time to record and edit videos but those days are now gone. Ideas… Read More

I’m going to include this new Office Lens feature during Thursday’s Digital Binder iLearn session. Here’s a sneak peak…

Students and parents often ask what apps I use in my paperless classroom. So, here’s the list of the productivity apps I use on a regular basis that can also be used by students. All apps are available for iOS and Android, free of charge… bonus 🙂 Adobe Reader – to easily open and view PDFs Outlook – to send and receive email (your username is Also a great calendar app to… Read More

Do you find you run out of time when copying down the notes from the whiteboard/SmartBoard? If you do, then you should check out Office Lens. Office Lens takes a photo (scan) of any document, card, or whiteboard and straightens and enhances it into a digital copy you can upload to the cloud (OneDrive, OneNote), import into Word, or email. This is an excellent tool for your digital binder.

Here is an extension piece from a previous post… What do OneNote, Notability, CaptureNotes, and Evernote have in common? All of these apps can be used as virtual binders. A challenge was put out to our students to save paper and one way to do this is to use a virtual binder. With BYOD practiced at our school, using a virtual binder has become common practice for many students. Gone are the… Read More

Quick thought… I’m a fan of a paperless environment. A goal of mine for this school year is to use as little paper as possible. I’d like to see my students go paperless as well and that’s one of the reasons I made this website – it’s a classroom resource. All the notes, slides, and handouts are available to download. So why print them off? Why not use a digital binder? Notability,… Read More

It’s here! It’s finally here and fully functional. Bonus – collaborate using OneNote and you can use those (printed) notes on your chapter tests. Just show me prior to the test who you collaborated with and who did what. Check it out: 1 TB of online storage! Collaborate in real time using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote (great for group work) Outlook with global address book Mobiel sync Calendar Office 365 products for home… Read More

Below are a few of the key apps students should download to their devices: Calculator Google Drive Chrome Explain Everything Goodreader (iOS) or ezPDF (android) I’ll review these at a later date. What are some apps you consider to be essential in the classroom?