The iPad All Star Challenge

This year I’ve been selected to Edmonton Catholic Emerging Technology’s iPad All Star community. This community of practice has us using the iPad and various apps in different ways in our teaching practice.

My challenge to myself was to use the iPad exclusively in my teaching. Right out the door I found I was able to complete most of my daily teaching tasks effortlessly with the iPad. Over a short period of time, I have removed my reliance on my laptop and can now use only the iPad if needed. Due in large part to the newest OS, I feel the iPad can be a laptop replacement for many teachers.

Here’s a list of all my tweets from my EmTech iPad All Stars Challenge of how I used my iPad:

1. Over the course of this school year I’m going to identify 30 ways the iPad has changed my teaching. Up first… using @NotabilityApp to plan all my lessons. So easy. #iPadAllStar30

2. Ran into a few students in the hallway who were having password issues. Used the Apple Pencil and quick tap to open Notes to write down their issues. #iPadAllStar30

3. Printer was set to Greek (kids these days 😂). Used @Google Translate and the camera to change it back to English. It was faster than finding the printer manual online. #iPadAllStar30

4. Used the @MicrosoftTeams app to set up a new EduPLC. Quick and super easy on the iPad. #iPadAllStar30

5. Made our Meet the Staff video using @LumaTouch. Works great with the Apple Pencil. #iPadAllStar30

6. Was away from the classroom today and used @GoogleForEdu Classroom to stay up-to-date with my students. #iPadAllStar30

7. Used @MicrosoftTeams to communicate with the substitute I had in for me today. #iPadAllStar30

8. Used the Voice Memos app to record an audio version of an exam. Super quick and easy. Then uploaded the exam to @GoogleForEdu Classroom. #iPadAllStar30

9. Airdrop to transfer large video files for broadcast and 100s of photos for yearbook. #iPadAllStar30

10. Used a mouse today to really get that laptop feel out of the iPad 👍. #iPadAllStar30

11. Presenting @GoogleForEdu Slides by using the @AppleTV as an external display and having my textbook open in @NotabilityApp. #iPadAllStar30

12. Shared Sub plans using @GoogleForEdu 👍 #iPadAllStar30

13. Updating those same sub plans in real time when out of the building. #iPadAllStar30

14. Demo in @scratch using Apple TV while sitting with students in their groups. #iPadAllStar30

15. Printed sub plans from outside the school using @googlecloud print. This feature is going to be missed. #iPadAllStar30

16. Attended a meeting where I only used the iPad. Used @tinkercad, @MicrosoftTeams, @NotabilityApp, @MergeVR. iPad is almost a laptop replacement for me. #iPadAllStar30

17. Had the Notes app read aloud some PDFs for me while I cleaned the house. #iPadAllStar30

18. iPadOS and mouse support bridges the iPad and laptop lines. There seems to be very little I can’t do on an iPad these days. Today I’m using the mouse to edit a few @google slides. #iPadAllStar30

19. Using the iPad today to catch up on @macworld magazine. The iPad’s lightweight (in my opinion) makes it easy to read on the couch. #iPadAllStar30

‪20. Showed a teacher how he can use his Apple TV and @NotabilityApp or @GoodNotesApp to teach math from his iPad – powerful stuff. #iPadAllStar30‬

21. Finally did it. Used LumaFusion from @LumaTouch to do the morning broadcast. Been wanting to do this for quite some time. Worked great. #iPadAllStar30

‪22. Connecting with educators around the world through @Twitter. #iPadAllStar30‬

23. Used my Apple TV to demo programming a @eduK8canada robot by using the @microbit_edu app and Bluetooth connectivity to the iPad. #iPadAllStar30

‪24. Made a screen recording using my Mac and then used iCloud from the iPad to transfer the video into LumaFusion to show on the morning broadcast. #iPadAllStar30‬

‪25. No notepads here. Using @paperlike with the Apple Pencil is better than using a notebook. Lesson planning, staff meetings, parent meetings, and professional development will never be the same… and that’s a good thing! #iPadAllStar30‬

26. Used #facetime yesterday to help a teacher fix their SmartBoard. #iPadAllStar30

‪27. Screen recording parts of my lessons today on the iPad to share with other @LSI_on_Learning iPad All Stars. #iPadAllStar30‬

‪28. Coding in @tinkercad using the iPad and Apple Pencil. #iPadAllStar30‬

29. Finished a course online where I only used the iPad with @NotabilityApp and @googledocs. Read articles, wrote response essays, communicated, researched, the whole nine yards. #iPadAllStars

‪30. Kept track of my #iPadAllStar30 Challenge and am making a @WordPress blog post to read at ‬