I get asked everyday, “why do I always have to put in my ECSD password!?” Well here’s a quick fix. It’s not 100% flawless but it’ll save you some time. ​ ​

Email, check OneDrive, check Install Office, not checked. Now that ECSD is moving us to Office 365 it’s time to take advantage and begin downloading the suite onto our computers. You get a total of 5 installs (mac and pc combined) and you manage your own downloads. All you need to do is log into the Office Portal and type in your ECSD email address. Once your email address is typed in… Read More

Check out this quick overview of Office 365:

Now that ECSD has begun transferring us to Office 365 it is probably time to update your mobile devices to receive email. In your phone’s email settings change: Server: to Username: to That’s it! You now have email working again on your mobile device.

Web App: Mobile App:

Tech Mentor Meeting Requirement In-class demo of Poll Everywhere – A Web 2.0 Tool My students do not like when we review in class. But we have to. To make reviews interesting I like to try out different tech tools to engage my students. One such tool I came across at a Tech Mentor meeting was Poll Everywhere. Immediately I knew this was something my students would eat up. Interactive, engaging, anonymous. It is… Read More

What is Web 2.0? Web 2.0 is an umbrella term for the second wave of the World Wide Web – the evolution to a more social, interactive Web that gives everyone a chance to create, share, publish, and collaborate. (Berger & Trexler, 2010, p.3) Back Channel Discussion For classroom discussions. Works well for those who are shy and unsure of their verbal responses. Great for LA and Social: Digital Storytelling… Read More