Digital Binders

Quick thought…

I’m a fan of a paperless environment. A goal of mine for this school year is to use as little paper as possible. I’d like to see my students go paperless as well and that’s one of the reasons I made this website – it’s a classroom resource. All the notes, slides, and handouts are available to download. So why print them off? Why not use a digital binder?

Notability, OneNote, and iAnnotate, allow students to import PDFs, write directly on them, save, and sync them to multiple devices. All three apps allow students to open blank pages and create their own notes from scratch. The best part of these apps? Collaboration. Miss a class and a classmate can easily share the day’s notes. Or what about studying? Imagine being able to share notes with each other even when you are not in the same location.

Give these apps a try and see which ones you enjoy. Challenge yourself to go digital this year… just remember to have your device charged 🙂