Virtual Binder, an Extension Piece

Here is an extension piece from a previous post…

What do OneNote, Notability, CaptureNotes, and Evernote have in common? All of these apps can be used as virtual binders.

A challenge was put out to our students to save paper and one way to do this is to use a virtual binder. With BYOD practiced at our school, using a virtual binder has become common practice for many students. Gone are the days of asking to go their lockers because of a forgotten text or a missing assignment that blew away in the wind, eaten by a dog, burnt to ashes in the oven (true excuse), left on the bus, etc. By using a virtual binder, students always have access to the text, class notes, assignments, etc. they would need on a regular basis… with some fun tools mixed in as well (ability to drop in PDFs, capture audio and video, or assign multiple colors for better organization)

Keeping a virtual binder:

  • focuses on student centered learning
  • leads to collaboration among students and teachers. All programs offer the flexibility for real time editing and sharing.
  • allows for differentiation and personalization. The tools within each program are both simple and complex, allowing a learner to get as involved in the course as he/she feels comfortable.
  • quick access to cross-curricular content – no more carrying around multiple binders.
  • allows students to manage information.
  • allows for choice.
  • demonstrates good communication skills. Should a partner or group member be absent from class, that person can still participate remotely.

What are you waiting for? Give a virtual binder a try and see how it can change your learning.